28Black is natural energy drink from Germany with global branding except in Australia and NZ. As part of their marketing activity they needed to secure ‘product ranging’ in major supermarkets nationally. The client had no budget, no advertising collateral and no media connections. We were engaged to create a marketing solution that would ensure the business survived. The mission was to increase measurable brand recall within the target audience of 26-39 m/f nationally. This would assist in furthering both the business case to product buyers and to venture capitalist investors in Germany.


To establish the brand nationally in Australia and NZ with a sophisticated AB demographic aged 26-39, aligning with fashion and culture and amplifying an irreverent message to counter already dominant players such as Red Bull, V and Mother.


  • The business-to-consumer objective was to increase brand recall, initiate trial and generate loyalty over a 12-month period.
  • The business-to-business objectives were to support the case for ranging in large supermarkets and to increase on-premise distribution.


  • Wrote the business plan to raise advertising funds from investors in Germany, displaying the value proposition of what we could achieve with $600,000. We raised $493,000 on condition of achieving in excess of $1.5 million worth of media.
  • Developed a ‘mass-market’ media plan for Australia and NZ, utilising mainstream media across Digital, Outdoor, Bus Backs, Print, Magazines and Radio.
  • Acquired media based on a ‘best-case’ scenario utilising ‘value buying’ techniques in order to achieve projected media value of $1.5million.
  • Executed 4 campaigns, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer 2012/13.
  • Hands-on approach was crucial in achieving targets, successful execution and funding.


  • Initial lack of budget.
  • Clients lack knowledge and understanding about media.
  • Cultural differences between German and Australian markets and client perceptions.
  • Initial lack of brand traction in the Australia and New Zealand
  • Lack of distribution.
  • Competition in market with dominant players, namely Red Bull, V and Mother


  • Implemented mass-reach campaign that was only achievable on budget through strategic, short-term media buying (1,200 bus backs // 20 billboards // 60 print Ads // 27 million page impressions // 456 radio ads)
  • Achieved $2.15 million worth of advertising (43% more than expected).
  • Averaged 78% discount from published rates (11% more than expected).
  • Achieved a frequency of x6 within target group, with cumulative (duplicated) audience of 141 million
  • Increased brand recall in polled group of 100 people from 2% to 12% over 2 months (2% more than required).
  • Achieved industry attention and editorial.
  • Increased ranging and enquiries from retailers.
  • Awarded an additional budget of $600,000 for subsequent campaigns for 2013/14.