Engagement: We engage only those clients whose business we understand and objectives we are confident we can meet and even exceed.

Understanding: Objectives // Time frames // Desired results // Expectations

Feedback: Feedback on scenarios available to the client, providing clear understanding of the media landscape.

Research & Intelligence: Using industry research tools to provide intelligence on key groups and behavioural patterns in order to assist in profiling for planning purposes.


Opportunities: Researching all feasible media opportunities and their relevance to the campaign and the value they can create.

Demonstration: Demonstrating effective and relevant media opportunities available nationally and locally.

Management: Designing and managing an operational media plan to facilitate the launch and the progress of the campaign.

Insight: Ensuring that the message fits the medium, and helping clients understand the nuances of specific media and the effectiveness of different creative strategies.


Accessibility: We make ourselves accessible to clients at any time to meet requests, and can provide information and research quickly in an understandable format.

Facilitation: Working closely with all parties to deliver a seamless experience for the client.

Importance is placed on working closely with creative agencies to eliminate

any risk to the client with production and scheduling errors.

Added Value: The sourcing of free media and editorial, distribution of press releases to all media channels to assist clients’ communication objectives, free creative services when required.


Sharing Relationships: Our relationships are our clients’ relationships. To facilitate our clients’ objectives we will arrange meetings with key editors to explore editorial opportunities, and with sales reps at media outlets.

Representation: We are an extension of our clients’ marketing department. Our team is trained to uphold the values and reputation of our clients and their brands in an objective and professional manner. We commit to this process with all interactions conducted for our clients.

Accountability: We are accountable for our advice, performance and behaviour.

Administration: Handling all back-end administration, including payment of invoices and collection of tear-sheets.

Reporting & Analysis: We provide comprehensive information when requested

to assist a client in their reporting to all stake-holders and for the improvement of future campaigns